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We find skincare products from your favourite brands that love you back. Get your own personalized skincare labels for over 3,000 products from 200 brands.

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Amana Label

Personalized score and label

Product Match Score

Gives you a single score summarizing how well the product suits your skin

Product Benefits

Highlights the product’s benefits that are most relevant to your skin

Product Risks

Highlights why the product may not be well suited for your skin

Personalized Reviews

Showcases product reviews from customers with skin similar to yours

Skin ID

Your skin’s unique ID so you can search for products easily, online or offline

Skin care routine

Helps you figure out whether a product fits into your existing skincare regimen

How Amana Label Works

Understand your skin better

Take our two minute skin assessment and learn what kind of skin you have, how to care for it, and ingredients to use and avoid.So whether you’re shopping on Amana or browsing an aisle in a store, you’re better prepared to shop for skincare products.

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Discover products that are suited to your skin

Amana’s comprehensive database and cutting edge algorithms help you find products that have the right ingredients for your skin. For each product you consider, Amana generates a personalized label, highlighting why the product is great or not, just for you. Shop with confidence!

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Buy from your favorite retailers

Amana helps you save money by comparing prices from popular retailers.

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This is uncannily accurate. Amana’s product recommendations are identical to the ones by my dermatologist.

Devon A

I suffer from pimples and dry skin and used to resort to make up as my cure because I just didn’t know what skincare products to use. Knowing my Amana Skin ID has been a revelation. I’m finally in control of my own skin!

Clara S

I love that Amana works with my favorite retailer and brands. I’m a loyal Sephora customer and Amana has helped me shop smarter.

Anahita V


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About Us

The Amana Label is a personalized product label that tells customers how well a skincare product suits the customer's skin. Our mission is to help every person on earth have the best skin possible, and we will do so by eliminating the anxiety, frustration, and time involved in purchasing skincare products.

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